Eco Trails

Morning eco trails to nearby mountains and villages. Meet the village folk and watch their daily routine. The villages surrounding the camp are picturesque. The locals’ mainstay here is farming and animal husbandry. The mountain vegetation comprises mainly of Ginger though other cash crops like paddy rice is also grown here. You can take short walks or Eco trails both deep in the valley or hills above.


Treks can be arranged on request and according to the group size. We have one of the most experienced staff to accompany & guide you at these treks.  We will be updating the trek routes shortly on this page.


Bicycle through the beautiful landscapes on road or off road on our mountain bikes. Bike through the slopes or paddle uphill; we leave the choice up to you. You can book cycling trips at the camp site.


Rafting on Ganges is definitely a great experience. It gives a chance of exploring new areas and see the magnificence of Ganges from your own eyes. Longer rafting trips require previous experience in this adventure sport. There are many sites in Garhwal and Kumaon region of Uttaranchal that can be tapped as the perfect sites for providing the pleasure of water sports. River rafting on the Ganges can be arranged from the camp on request or as per the package bookings. A typical rafting trip covers about 10-kms of river running on a clear day.


Start your day with Yoga at the camp in the guidance of expert yoga instructors. You can pre book a yoga session or let us know to arrange one during your stay.

Water Sports

Tehri Dam is the primary dam of the Tehri Development Project, a major hydroelectric project centered near Tehri Town in the state of Uttarakhand. Located on the Bhagirathi River, the principal tributary of the sacred River Ganges, the Tehri Dam has a height of 855 feet (261 m), making it the 5th tallest dam in the world. Water sports such as motor boats, bikes etc can be arranged as per your requirement.

Visit to nearby places

: You can visit the Kunja Devi temple and experience the stillness of sunrise during the early morning hours and come back for a delicious breakfast.
: For spiritual sojourn, visit the RishikeshAarti at the river Ganges ghats. This is a lifetime experience you will not like to miss. A visit to Rishikesh can be arranged on request or included as per the tour package.

Bird Watching

If you are an avid bird watcher, you will be thrilled to find many bird species near the campsite. Due to a lot of green cover all around, the site is home to various migratory birds too. We suggest you to keep your photographic instruments while visiting the camp to capture these wonderful birds through your lens.

Long Drive

The camp is well connected to the national highway, which passes through Agarkhal. This highway offers a picturesque view of the mountains leading to Tehri Dam and further to Uttarkashi. The drive is one to behold as you come across pine forests, rivers, dams, and other interesting places on the way. We suggest you to start early in the morning for the drive to enjoy the whole experience.

Night Sky

The area is known for its clear blue skies unless it is rainy day. Due to lack of any pollutant or dust particles, the night sky can be clearly visible. You may watch the stars and different constellations during the night. We have provided a telescope for our visitors interested in watching the night sky.

Sports Activities

Enhance your stay with various sporting activities like volleyball, cricket, football, handball, mountain cycling, rock climbing, repelling, and hiking near the campsite. Bring your friends, colleagues and family along to enjoy the outdoor games & sports activities on the hilltop. Rest assured, you would always remember the experience.

Explore the Pine Forests

There is a beautiful stretch of Pine Forests just 45 minutes drive from the camp. Located amidst thick, virgin forests of deodar, rhododendron and oak the place has an atmosphere of perfect peace & tranquility. The long wooded slopes, lazy outings, cool caressing breeze, warm and hospitable inhabitants and lovely weather makes it an ideal retreat for a one day outing. Situated slightly away from the Agarkhal – Gangotri road, Pine Forests are 20 Km from the camp. A picturesque place that is reflective of the beauty of nature. You can sit, relax, and do sight-seeing or go for small treks in the pines as per your liking.


I love a lot here!

I wish to thank you for the great camping experience. I wish to come back here again year on year and never miss the thrills.

Would really miss the camp, but look forward to be back soon. Thank you all again for wonderful memories.

Glen Steffi

My family had a wonderful experience while at the camps. It was a great experience and we wish to be back soon on a weekend.

Thanks much and we will be in touch.

Ravi DuttaEntrepreneur

The school students enjoyed the trip a lot. We are very happy with the experience – the location, staff and the activities provided at the camp. Kids have learned a lot here – how to respect nature and we go back with many happy memories. Wish you good luck. Thanks from all our staff.

St. Joseph

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude for the brilliant facilities at the camp. Can’t wait to come back again.

Thank you all!